Saturday 29th April from 11.00 am to 8.30 pm Follow the "Les Epiciers" Olfactory Event at Studio Ungaro!

Good morning!
Missing 2 days at the Olfactory Event "Les Epiciers" at Studio Ungaro !!!
It will be a sensory path between tiny tastings and the spread of fragrances combined with the discovery of its content and the birth of perfume from natural essences!
The compelling industry has been chosen to offer a new proposal to my bride and groom as an alternative to traditional bouquets, but you will have to come and discover all the products in the range, because each one is completely customizable in the packaging for you!
For info please contact me privately. For the very first ones to come: Scented gifts!
I expect you all day long in the studio!

Professional photographer in Sardinia

Giovanna Ungaro: a professional photographer for the most important events

The Studio

Wedding Design & Event planner

If you are looking for a professional photographer in Irgoli, Nuoro, Ungaro Studio provides you with the experience, skills and creativity that accompany and characterize a craft that is as difficult or as exciting.
The activity, born in 2012, has developed from the passion for photography, handed down from father to daughter and has now become an important reference point for those who need a photographic service, especially, in the fateful day of yes .
In fact, the photography studio specializes in wedding photographs, a service that combines that of wedding planning.
In addition, she also deals with the realization of photographic books, steel life and portraits.
Photographs are therefore expressed in all possible manifestations and exercised with skill and knowledge by qualified and attentive staff.
Artistic sensitivity, empathy and the ability to make the immortal subjects at ease are just a few of the strengths of Studio Ungaro, which, in order to provide a full service, will support their clients next to their wedding by offering various solutions for the ' The optimal organization of the event.
To request the services of a professional photographer at Irgoli Nuoro qualified and passionate, just take an appointment and go to the photographic studio, located at Via C. Soro, 5, at the following times: Monday to Sunday (9: 00 am - 1:00 pm) and Tuesday and Saturday (4:00 pm - 8:00 pm).
To do so, you can choose the contact mode you prefer, referring to the appropriate section of the website (Contacts), where you will find all the necessary contact information to reach the staff by telephone or telematics.

At Studio Ungaro you will find not only a professional photographer in Irgoli, Nuoro, but also a wedding planner, ready to interpret your needs best, and commit to fulfilling your wishes based on the budget available.
The wedding planning service provides various types of intervention and assistance in organizing your wedding.
It goes from the simple request of the services of a consultant who takes care of the logistics preparation of your marriage to the ingraying of a true artistic director, able to pack your customized event.
Trusting a wedding planner is a great choice for many reasons, including the convenience and the reduction of stress that normally accompanies the organization of a wedding.
A professional will be able to arrange everything to perfection, resolve issues quickly, advise you in the most important choices, and suggest the most suitable options for initially estimated spending.
Final decisions will always and in any case be for future spouses, who will also benefit from an internal vendor for the realization of a double photographic album worthy of being kept forever.
For more detailed information and / or to ask for advice, just have to make an appointment at the studio, during which you will be confronted with a professional who will work to turn your dream wedding into reality.


Wedding Photographer Giovanna Ungaro e Francesco Ungaro

Studio Ungaro specializes in the creation of wedding photography services but also produces photographic, portrait and steel life books.
The activity of a professional photographer in Irgoli, Nuoro, is exercised with dedication and passion by the photographic studio owner, who after years of travel has decided to stop to give others a renewed look at reality, acquired by observing such far places.
Professionalism, expertise, discretion, artistic sensibility and precision are just some of the strengths of the service offered.
Within that, special attention is devoted to the day of the day so a wedding plannig service is provided, accompanied by the creation of unique photographic reportage.
Following a cognitive interview, one can decide together the most consistent style of wedding ceremony and wedding ceremony, setting up important details and identifying suggestive locations where you can take traditional rite photos.
The result will be a series of unique, never trivial shots that will forever fix the memory of the emotions felt on such an important day.

Marriage is the union of two differences so that a third can be born on earth. It is the union of two souls in a strong love that abolishes every separation.

Khalil Gibran


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In the dedicated section you will find all the helpful contact information to contact the Studio Ungaro staff.
Photographic studio staff are at your disposal for clarification and / or for a personal appointment.

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